Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pensieve's Poetic License #8 - Pensieve for July

I haven't participated in a PPL in quite a while, but when Robin creates a WHOLE NEW form of poetry for the cause...well, how could I NOT participate?

This month's form is a Pensieve, and here is how Robin explains it:

What is a Pensieve? A titled, five-line poem; each line correlates to one of the five senses--sight, sound, scent, taste, touch--and describes the subject (title). The goal is for the reader to take on the poem as his own, being able to "experience" your subject through your words, by seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling what you described.

Of course, right after she gave us that description, she posted a sample that was about 10 lines, she's sticking true to her motto: No Rules, Just Write.

So, here's my attempt:

Final Dance

You can hear their hearts beat, keeping pace with the sound of the drums
Watch the lines of their bodies, pointed toes, extended limbs so agile
Feel the bass, the closeness of their bodies turning two into one
Blood, sweat and tears, poured into this final dance,
For a starved soul, sustenance, food, so perfect a meal.

Copyright 2008 - Karina

There you go...I don't know that I followed the rules exactly, but you know...whatever. I was watching So You Think You Can Dance as I wrote this, and gettig my heart broken (click here if you want to know why), so I just went with the inspiration.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

40 or less Photo Challenge #1 - This Kind of Love

I've neglected this blog quite a bit lately. Well, that's actually putting it pretty mildly...I've completely abandoned this blog since I started my new job, I think. But, today I was inspired by the photo Robin chose for her Photo Challenge, so I decided to jump aboard. Here's the photo:

Here's my contribution:

This Kind of Love

When I was your age
“Yes grandpa?”
Oh, never mind
Run along and play,
I’ll just be right here
“Yes grandpa”
You know I love you my angel
“Yes grandpa!”

Yes, darling?
“I love you too”.

Copyright 2008 - Karina

Click the badge for more information about the 40 or Less Photo Challenge, and to see who else is participating this week. Thanks Robin for the inspiration!