Thursday, October 2, 2008

Karina's Alphabet Soup #1 - A is for...

Updated: The letter "A" will remain open until October 31st, at which time, you should begin work on the letter "B", which will go live on November 7th. So you still have time to participate!

See below for links to the participants.

Here we go everyone! The first official helping of Karina's Alphabet Soup. For the rules, please click HERE. If you are participating, please leave a link to your blog in comments below. I realize I promissed a Mr. Linky but uh...that's not going to be happening, so just leave your link in comments, and I promisse to incorporate it into this post Friday when I get home from work, then everyone can visit everyone all weekend long.

This week's letter is the letter A. I'll tell you what, you would think that as the creator of this meme, I would have thought ahead and been more prepared, wouldn't you? Ah, but then you would think wrong!

And I spent the last week looking around and trying to find something, ANYTHING that started with the letter A that I wanted to photograph! The closest I even came was with this:

An American Flag...but, still, I wasn't thrilled with it. And then I remembered something. I took a photo last Friday, actually, I took a bunch of photos last Friday that fit the theme perfectly. Photos of what?

Photos of the audience at the New Kids on the Block concert. (There are more photos and a review here, if you happen to be curious).

And so, that's where I'm going with this. Here's my poem:

In Love with a Myth

He sings the love songs
You want to hear
The melody so sweet
His voice is perfect
The words just right
The intention oh so clear
And you could fall in love
All over again

He’s always had that way
About him
The one you can’t resist
It’s in his walk,
The way he moves
He can just draw you in
And you could fall in love
All over again

He looks your way
And reaches in
To the very depths of you
A look so piercing
A crooked smile
Making you weak in the knees
And you could fall in love
All over again

He makes the promises
He tugs at your heart
He looks you in the eye
Your heart is beating
Your palms are sweating
Your head is spinning
Out of control
And you could fall in love
All over again

You have heard all of the songs
You’ve seen those moves before
Those eyes have told you lies
He’ll break your heart
And you’ll be left
With nothing but a soundtrack

The show is over…walk away.

Copyright 2008 - Karina

Okay, that's get to it, post your links! And thank you so much for joining me!!

Here are the participants:

Lissa - Alone

Callista - Active

PBNJM - Apples

BlogJem - Amazing


Herb of Grace said...

Karina, I'm still eager to do this! But this week has been nuts and I've yet to write/photograph a single thing. Can you hold it open over the weekend possibly? I still plan to try...

lissa said...

I like your poem, sort talking about NKOTB but at the same time, like a lost love that left you with only a memory, a song

For the life of me I could not find anything that starts with A, the only thing that came to mind was Apples, and then I search through my recent pics and find this tiny flower - not even sure if it's a flower

here's my take on Alphabet Soup challenge - alone

p.s., it's kind of hard to leave long comments on such small space, I hope the link works

Callista said...

Okay I'm a little late but here goes.

Frances said...

Great post and idea.
I got mine up in the nick of time LOL