Thursday, November 6, 2008

Karina's Alphabet Soup #2 - B...Creative

Well folks, here we are with month two of Karina's Alphabet Soup...the letter B. I think the rules are pretty self explanatory, but click here for more).

One would think that with this being MY meme and all, I'd be highly prepared to wow you with my photos and prose. One would be wrong however. Turns out I had a great idea, but can't seem to find any great photos to go along with my great idea.

So, I took to the archives instead, thinking I'd see if any of my "B" photos inspired a bit of prose.

I could write about a Ball game,

Or perhaps about a Boat on the Beach,

I could write about a BlueJay,

Or a puppy Begging for a treat just out of reach,

I could write about a Blue globe, that just knows when,

Or about my Blackberry love affair,

I could even write about a bobble head pen,

Trully, am I getting anywhere?

Maybe I'd write about the Bareness of the trees

Or about a pair of Boots that make me smile,
Seems to me I'm spinning in circles here...
Honestly? It's all a Blur after a while...

Okay, I know I know...kind of lame, but that's all I've got today. You can see more of my prose here in my entry for Pensieve's Poetic License.

In the meantime, if you're participating, which I REALLY hope you are, leave me a comment, with a link to your post, and I'll add your link here:

1. You're first!


Pamela said...

pretty cute.

( word verification: ronmet Now I suppose I better find out who?)

lissa said...

here's mine take

actually, I think even the creator could slack off once or twice, right?

lissa said...

I met to leave a hyperlink - ballad of the blue rose

and I like that bobble head pen, cute!

PBNJM said...

Alright, mine is finally up and even though it's kinda lame (I couldn't think of as many B words or that many pictures either) it's about my Beautiful Boys!!

lissa said...

just wondering if you're still doing the alphabet meme, I like the idea and will continue it until 'z'

anyway, I just posted for c
clouds of chimera

ps, I would be glad to guess post and continue this meme for you if you like, though I am very bad at getting people to join

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