Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Scribblings - #1 - Dear Diary

I've done some Sunday Scribblings entries in my other blog Candid Karina, but this is my first on this new creative writing blog, so I'm going to take it as if I'm starting now, and try to become a weekly member of this Meme, but ONLY enter "fictional, creative" entries. This week's Theme is Dear Diary, so here goes:

Dear Diary,

One more day without him
and I made it through okay
I cried a little, when the sun went down
but I made it one more day

I had to stop and catch my breath
when I remembered he was gone
but I plowed on through, I held on tight
and another day is done.

It gets easier as days go by
but it seems harder in some way
it's as if when it becomes easier for me
He's slowly drifting further away

Dear Diary,

I don't want him to be part of my past
I don't want his memory to fade
But I know if I don't carry on, preservere
Than what impact will he have made?

He came into my life to teach
To influence, to show me the way
And if I don't use the lessons I learned
Then I've wasted another day.

So today, dear diary, I made it through
Another day without him, and I survived
Tomorrow, I'll do it again some way
I'll keep on living, to keep his dream alive.

Copyright 2007 - Karina

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lissa said...

I like this, it sets a mood, kind of sad. Is he a father figure? That's the impression I get.

Hope to read more of your sunday scribblings!

gautami tripathy said...

Like lissa, I too think of him as the father figure. Is it?

Karina said...

It could be. See, as with most of my poetry, I don't really know. A lot of times I write something and have absolutely no idea where it came from, as it has no real like to my "real" life. It's gotten me in trouble a few times in live actually.

But, once I'd written it, I had more of a feeling of it being a child...but a father figure works too...guess it's one of those that fits the reader's view?

joezul said...

Well, it does seem like a father figure to me. Though, that said, writing that come from the moment really is the best. It more creative, and the spontaneity does give the writing that edge. The same with your poem here. Wonderful work. :)