Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Scribblings - #2 - I get that sinking feeling

Went out last night, had an um...interesting time. About to start dating again, in my early 30's, and the options are limited. We're going with humor today for Sunday Scribblings. I present to you:

"Maybe I'm not ready"

A night out on the town with the girls
an adventure.
"You're about to start dating again" they say
we'll head out "to get a feel"
of what is out there for me

No expectations, no plans
not really searching to meet "the one"
just an experiment

"We'll have some fun,
Flirt shamelessly" they laugh
And see what the world has to offer
me this time.

And we head out

A few drinks later,
some mind numbing conversations,
and let's not forget
the creepy brazillian guy...
and I get that sinking feeling
that I will be single forever.

Copyright 2007 - Karina


lissa said...

A bit sad upon reading this but you may still find someone yet.

I was wondering who or what is that icon you're using - the green face on your "about me" on the sidebar. I find it kind of odd looking.

Karina said...

lissa, don't be sad for me, it was truly a funny experience more than anything. I have not yet given up hope, but's a tough world out there. ;-)

My "profile" picture is actually a photograph of a piece of art I own...I've owned it since I was a child, my mom bought it for me when I was a baby, because it reminded her of me (the big eyes). There's a better shot of it on my other blog, a Wordless Wednesday entry on June 6 of this year. (i'd post a link, but just tried to and it wasn't working for me..sigh)...

arboleda said...

keep being romantic Karina! thanks for the visit

Fledgling Poet said...

I'm sure there's a prince amidst all those frogs out there...but I'm sure you'll have some eye-rolling experiences in your search for him! Have fun. :~)

julia said...

I did get the tone of very wry humor, especially in your timing with "see what the world has to offer
me this time.

And we head out

A few drinks later"

I knew we were in for a fine specimen!

tumblewords said...

LOL I must say there are far worse things than being 'forever' single. But I sure can relate to the sinking feeling that occurs early on.

JennieBoo said...

He's out there....promise!