Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Writer's Island #6 - Message in a Bottle

The prompt for this week's Writers Island is as follows: You have each found a “Message In A Bottle”. Please share with the rest of us what mystery was revealed to you, or what urgent dispatch, or deep secret you discovered, or what solemn ‘last words’ you may have read — and tell us what you did after reading this communication from a time past.

I wasn't really sure where to go with this, and I'm still in the experimenting stages with Haiku, so I figured I'd use this prompt for a bit more practice in that genre:

Washing up on shore
something sparkly and round
what could this thing be

slowly I walk up
pick it up and examine
nothing here to see

Just an old bottle
a discarded artifact
but wait what is this

Look inside and find
Old rolled up parchment paper
Holding secret words

Anxiously I read
"If you are reading this note
Then I have yet hope"

"Send help quickly please
I am alone and adrift
I want to go home"

Looking around me
Not quite sure what to do next
I write a response

"No help to be found
I too am alone out here
Missing home as well"

Alas, we wait...

Copyright 2007 - Karina

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gautami tripathy said...

I like the ending!

In a way, we all are alone in our own little worlds..

lissa said...

Nice and simple. I like the ending as well.

KaiBlueCreations said...

I like the way this ended, because Im sitting here still thinking about it..
Good words indeed.
Peace, Kai

Mary Timme said...

This was another heart twister for me to read. Very well done, but a heart twister!

paris parfait said...

Well, it usually helps to know someone else is in the same boat - no matter how precarious the boat!

paris parfait said...

Well, it usually helps to know someone else is in the same boat - no matter how precarious the boat!

Robin said...

Nicely done. I hope they both make it home, or at least find each other as they wait.

Jo said...

I like your ending too.....smile....very open!

paisley said...

i swear to god the person that wrote that and put it in the bottle wrote a post today too!!!! and for the life of me i cannot find it again.... this was very nicely written...

tumblewords said...

Alas, we wait... Interesting. I like the way your formed this prompt.

UL said...

I love this piece of writing. I was not expecting the return message at the end, but it came to a close so beautifully in the end. Thanks for sharing.

Christine said...

You even rhymed!An ironic ending. Hard to believe this is your first Haiku.