Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Writer's Island #7 - The stranger

This week's "Writer's Island" prompt is "The Stranger". I realize some of you may be wondering whatever happened to my continuation of the story I started a few weeks ago, but for some reason that's been put on hold. Don't ask me, ask my muse...

In the meantime, here's my contribution for today's prompt. I'm not entirely sure I'm done with this one yet, there might still be some tweaks to it, it doesn't feel quite finished...Constructive criticism appreciated.

Rock Star

I stare mesmerized
By his voice, his lips, his eyes

His confident swagger
His presence on stage

In his element
He commands attention

And I can’t take my eyes off him

Falling in love from afar
With a rock star
A stranger behind a guitar

His knowing smile
His furtive grin

Confident in his power
He knows he has the crowd

And I can’t look away from him

I can’t lie
So familiar am I
With everything about this guy

His middle name I know
His birth date I’ve memorized

From a stranger to a lover
He’s transformed himself

And I have never even met him

Copyright 2007 - Karina

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paris parfait said...

Now that's a true groupie or zealous fan!

Marja said...

The real spirit of a fan.

Greggo said...

very nice. it shows how a charismatic celebrity can draw us in to feeling a connection with them. the 'cult of personality' is a powerful thing.

Lucy R. E. said...

you really captured the absurdity of how much we know about people who are really strangers. and i'm so guilty! (my stranger crush = Brandon (Richard) Flowers--hehe)

lissa said...

you've captured the feeling well, the starstruck fan

tumblewords said...

Ah, how exciting!

Caty said...

so true this feeling!

Jo said...

Well I'm amazed nobody used it already: this rocks! Very nice work.


Robin said...

Yes! There is just something about a man with a guitar and a song on his lips... It gives you a window into his soul that reaches into yours and creates a connection, even between total strangers.

Just Jen said...

does he notice you in the crowd?
I've been there, sadly enough, not going to admit who. I'll just admit it was the 80's, that's bad enough...lol

jillypoet said...

I've been there. I usually try to send subliminal messages...ignore the wedding ring...there are no stretch marks...no children...i'd make a great back-up singer...helloooo...

I liked the buildup to the last line.