Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Writer's Island #16 - Over the Horizon

The Writer's Island Prompt this week is "Over the Horizon". I drifted away from the island for a bit, but am back on the beaches again. This prompt comes at a good time for me, and I'm actually feeling inspired about new beginnings that are just over that horizon.

Over there

Over there
on the other side of day
is a promisse
a surprise
a new adventure

Over there
just over the horizon
it sits

Over there
seconds away from discovery
it sings
it teases
it whispers sweet nothings

I walk slowly
with some trepidation
but bathed in excitement
ready, yet hesitant
over there.

Copyright 2008 - Karina


lissa said...

The last part - there's always so unexpected hesitation when it comes to new things.

This is a wonderful read early in the morning.

keith hillman said...

How lovely! I could feel the nervous anticipation in your words.Nice one!

Preethi said...

So full of optimism and hope.. I loved it.. Thanks!!

Over the Horizon

LittleWing said...

over there is a beautiful place to be....

lissa said...

I have a writers award for you. The rule is to give three writing advice and passed this award on to five other people. Stop by and pick it up if you like. You don't have to, of cause.

Blog Award


Karina said...

lissa, thank you so much, you always have thoughtful comments on my writing! And thanks for the award, I will certainly be by to pick it up shortly! :D

Keith, thank you very much. This one was truly an easy and "inspired" one, took no effort at all, which is always the best, isn't it?

preethi, thanks so much!

littlewing, sure hope it is, cuz I'm headed over there as we speak! ;-)

Karina said...
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Richard said...

And it gets closer and closer, or is it further and further away? Do you walk through it - or never reach it? It's the moving toward that matters... Thanks