Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Writer's Island No. 21 - Changed

The Writer's Island Prompt this week is "Changed". This one I dedicate to my grandma Odilia.
Odilia Speaks

Caught up in the minutiae
Each one a cause for stress
Every one, reason for concern
Worry, grief, analysis

Never enjoying the day to day
Apprehensive of the future
Questioning each turn
Scared into paralysis

And then…

Before you left us
You told me resolutely
Don’t waste these moments
They’re all you’ll get

And how you blessed us
Now in your absence
I live each second
Cherish each step

And now…

I miss you every day
Wish we could speak again
I have so much to tell you
My stories would never end

I’ll see you again one day
Our destinies, prearranged
I’ll tell you then, your words
I listened
I changed

Copyright 2008 - Karina


ladybug12 said...

This is a beautiful piece. Could be my nana you were writing about. Isn't it funny how grandmothers can have so many of the same "wise" attributes. Very nicely written

Just Jen said...

This absolutely beautiful. she knows....she knows

paisley said...

this was so beautiful... i loved my gramma more than any other human being,,

her "catchphrase" was "i was born a bitch and i'll die a bitch" she did.. i am working really hard to make sure i don't follow her advise too closely on that one.....

much love to grammas!!!!

anthonynorth said...

A long life lived, duly respected.
Excellent piece.

keith hillman said...

Just too beautiful for words. A truly lovely piece