Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Writer's Island #'s 19 and 20

The muse took a vacation last week. Try as I might, I just couldn't get inspired to create anything for the Writer's Island or Sunday Scribblings prompts. So, I let the muse sit back on the couch, put her feet up, watch some reality tv for a while.

She's back now, and has decided that last week's "Writer's Island" Prompt was too good to let by. It was "Desire" after all. This week's prompt is "Magic". I give you two offerings this week.

First, a haiku for "Desire":

Heart beats in my chest
And as I watch him undress
I know he is mine

Copyright 2008 - Karina

And now for a little "Magic":

Happy Birthday

"Close your eyes", he says to me
"Don't open them until I say so
You'll be amazed
You'll be surprised
You just won't believe your eyes"

So I followd his command
Nervous anticipation
taking over me
Not knowing what I'll see
What he's laid out for me

"Okay, ready?" he says excited
"I'm gonna count to three
One, Two...Open your eyes
Do you like it mommy, do you?
I made it special just for you"

"It's chocolate, double fudge with sprinkles
Daddy helped,
but I made it myself"
Out of the corner of my eye
I see his father standing by

I kiss the top of his head,
ruffle his shaggy hair
"Chocolate's my favorite kind"
"I know, I told daddy that
Mommy, put on your party hat"

"Daddy light the candles now
Mommy needs to make her wish
Make it good mommy
Wishes on birthday cakes always come true
You know why? I'll tell you..."

He leans in and whispers
"It's magic".

Copyright 2008 - Karina


tumblewords said...

Your muse returned, for sure. These are magical pieces!

lissa said...

The first one's saucy.

The second's one so sweet.

And Yes, muses always takes a vacation just when you want to write. I'm happy that it had return for you.

keith hillman said...

Perfect! Both just perfect. Glad your muse put in an appearance.

UL said...

oh simply superb...i loved both but the second one gets preference, i love children's stuff.