Sunday, September 28, 2008

Karina's Alphabet Soup

In my travels to some of my favorite blogs, I’ve come across so many fantastic memes. Photo memes, poetry memes, and all sorts of other memes. And I’ve had this idea brewing in my head for a few months now, just waiting for the right time to give it a proper send-off. Now’s the time, I think.

I want to combine an idea I’ve seen, with one of my very own. One of my favorite bloggers in the whole wide world (love you lisa) participates in the A-Z Photo Challenge. I love the idea of doing an “alphabet” photo thing, and I’ve wanted to jump on board, but I’m loathe to start something in the middle of anything, so I’d have to wait for the next go-round, or go it on my own from the start.

I opted for the “go it on my own” version, but then I decided it would be a brilliant idea (because I’m such a genius, let’s face it) if I combined my newfound love of photography with my longtime love of poetry and creative writing. See? Genius!

And so was borne Karina’s Alphabet Soup, a monthly meme allowing you to express your creativity in not just ONE, but TWO very fun ways. Starting with the letter “A” each month we will move through the alphabet, and with camera’s in hand, head out and photograph any and everything we can find to fit that month’s letter. Then, armed with our very own, individual photographic inspiration, we will use our photos to guide us on a writing extravaganza. You can use one photo, and from that, draw your inspiration for a haiku, or use 10 photos and write a short story. Use 5 for a story or 12 for a poem, it really has no limits, knows no bounds. The rules are simple and flexible. The fun is in the ability to stretch first your physical eye, to see the letter of choice all around you, and then your inner eye, to see the magic your muse can create with what you come home with.

Then, on the 1st Friday of each month, I will post my own entry, and a Mr. Linky, so you can post your links back to your own entries on here. That’s it. You will then have a full month to work on next month’s entry.

Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll set up a mailing list so that I can send out reminders one week prior to the posting date.

Oh yes, and I know there are some of you grumbling because you either A) don’t take photos or B) don’t write poetry/fiction, but would still like to play along. FINE, this is how flexible I am with the rules, if you don’t take photos, take a gander over at flickr or some other photo hosting site and do a search for photos based on just the LETTER assigned, find a photo or ten that inspire(s) you, and write from those (just be sure to credit the photo(s) appropriately). If you don’t write, but want to take on the photo assignment portion of the project, do so, and then just give us a few words about where the photo(s) took place, what they inspire in you, or whatever else looking at those photos make you feel.

See? EASY…

Oh, right, also, if you could grab the badge and include in your posts and post it on your sidebar (pretty please?), taht would be great!
I realize I need to figure out how to work out the html code so you can do it the easy way, so if anyone out there can help me with that, I would appreciate it..... THANKS!

The rules, in bullet form:

· Get letter assignment; leave comment that you’re participating, preferably with email addy, so I can send you reminder.
· Take photo(s) of things beginning with said letter
· Write something creative using photo(s) as inspiration
· Return here on 4th Monday of month
· Link back using Mr. Linky

Got it? Good. Let’s get to it, you assignment this month is the letter “A”…get to it. We’ll see you here on the October 3rd. Yes, you only get one week for the letter A..get cracking!!

Go forth, be creative.


PBNJM said...

Ok so I broke all the rules and did the photo with explanation thing. Check my great A's. By the where's mr linky??? or is he not up yet?

heather said...

This sounds interesting. Send me the email reminder, please:
heatheragoodman @ yahoo dot com
I just need to have it posted sometime next week, right?

lisaschaos said...

Sounds like a challenge! :) Thanx for the linky love. :) Luvs to you too!

Herb of Grace said...

Sounds cool! Count me in...

Callista said...

I'm not very good at either but it sounds interesting and I'd like to give it a try! Sign me up with My email is callista83 AT cogeco DOT ca

I can help you out with html too if you still need it, just send me an email.

PS - I can barely read your dark red font on the black background.