Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sunday Scribblings #4 - Writing

I see this as a work in progress, I can see so many more stanzas in my mind's eye, and am looking forward to flushing it out much more. In the meantime, I wanted to have it up for this week's Sunday Scribblings:

On Writing

Infinite words in the universe
numerous languages to choose
topics as vast as the oceans
where shall I direct my muse?

what am I writing today
a poem, a story, a simple haiku
or is it the novel in progress
a song, another book review?

Am I staying above the surface
or digging into my soul
is it merely a creative moment
or am I reaching the ulitimate goal

whatever direction I take
whatever my form of delivery
in writing, I'm breathing, I'm living
I'm creating a piece of my history

Copyright 2007 - Karina

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lissa said...

This is wonderful - writing is of cause can be any medium.

The last two lines says so much - guess each our own way we are writing down our past even if in Blog form.

Nicely done.

gautami tripathy said...

With our writings, we do create history!

Patois said...

An excellent description of what writers do. And I love how you see that this could almost be a never-ending poem.

lisrobbe said...


tumblewords said...

Nicely done!

JennieBoo said...

Very enjoyable.