Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Writer's Island #1 - My Imaginary Life

Just the two of me...

I live a lie most days
although I tell the truth
What you see is what you get
and yet

I'm not who I seem to be
the inner me, the outer me
a contradiction
a mystery

I am the person that you know
I wear my heart out on my sleeve
I share my passions
I bare my soul
but you don't see

my imaginary life
the one I keep all to myself
the tales I spin
the songs I sing
the life I live within

an imagination like mine
never takes a break
never stops creating
so daily I fantasize
i'm in disguise

moving along at a normal pace
inside my head I run a race
i'm two in one
a dual existance
and we dance

Copyright 2007 - Karina

Thank you to Writer's Island for the prompt. I'm writing more now thanks to these prompts then I have in a long time. I'm grateful!

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JennieBoo said...

Whoa! What an interesting piece.

Thanks for sharing.

Clare said...

This is really delightful and sounds great read aloud, too. The line at the top "just the two of me..." cracked me up -- I love it. I really like how you blended outer and inner.

tumblewords said...

I absolutely love the way you sewed these thoughts and actions into two. It sings.

lissa said...

I like this - exactly what I'm thinking most of the time. A wonderful piece.

Rob Kistner said...

"I'm not who I seem to be
the inner me, the outer me
a contradiction
a mystery"

I like that stanza!

Glad you found the island!