Monday, November 19, 2007

Pensieve's Poetic License #1 - Thanksgiving Limerick

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What is Pensieve's Poetic License? A monthly meme designed to encourage EVERYONE to exercise their poetry gene. Everyone is born with one; sometimes you just need "permission" (or a kick in the behind) to use it.

Please click the button above for more information. This month's theme is "Thanksgiving", the form: Limericks.

To get us going, Robin (Pensieve) gave us the following and asked us to provide the last's my contribution to the last line:

The pilgrims, they started it all.
A feast fit for kings in the Fall.
Thankful were they,
Eating turkey all day
Who knew it would lead to a brawl?

AND, here's my Limerick for the month:

A day to give thanks it is said
With stuffing and turkey we're fed
We eat our share
But we truly care
Much more for the store sales ahead

This was so much fun...thanks Robin for creating this meme! I'm looking forward to next month's theme of Celebration in the form of a cinquian (which is what exactly you ask? Visit Pensieve and find out!)


Robinella said...

Woohoo for black Friday. Great job!

Kelly - PTT said...

I love this! Well done (and so true!)

min said...

I love poems about shopping!! You nailed it!

Robin (the pensieve one) said...

Your last line in the first poem fits your second perfectly! People are CRAZY on Friday, aren't they? Maybe it has something to do with tryptophan..."the turkey made me do it" (ha!).

Thanks for your even rubbed off on ME! VERY cool that you have a blog devoted to creativity :)....makes me wonder if I could keep up with two.

Great job, I'm already excited about next month because YOU are :).

karisma said...

Im feeling a bit inadequate now. Everyone is writing such good poems. Sigh.

Great work. I enjoyed reading them.

Pamela said...

very very good. Im surprised at the wonderful stuff I've read.

BUT... you can shop for me on friday.
NO WAY would I even attempt that livestock sale.

Maria said...

Wow, these are great! I loved them. You're very good, and I am having a blast reading them all. I can't wait until next month!


Sandy said...

First mention I've read of Black Friday! Great job!

Karmyn R said...

Oh ho ho - what a true ending...isn't that sad? I loved your limericks!