Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Writer's Island #10 - Friendship

This week's prompt for Writer's Island is Friendship. There were so many directions I could have gone with this prompt. Just the word friendship evokes so many thoughts and feelings within. Feelings of love and support, as well as feelings of loss and betrayal rise to the surface at the simple uttering of the word...friendship...so many meanings this word contains.

Today, concern for a friend envelops me, and brings me to this:

Silent Prayer for a Friend

Life in limbo
as you wait
as I wait
to hear the words
I can't let you see
how I worry
so deeply
for you
so I smile
and convince
you and I
that we've nothing to fear
while in privacy, I pray
that they'll say
you're okay
I can't imagine it'll go any other way.

Copyright 2007 - Karina

UPDATE: I just got off the phone with my friend, and she's been given a clean bill of health from her doctor. Amen.


jadey said...

Karina I don't know what it is the illness that your friend faces but I sure hope that everything turn out alright for her and you. My thoughts are with you.

tumblewords said...

A deeply powerful prayer...good wishes! You represent the best of friendship...

keith hillman said...

Ah - the power or prayer! Beautifully written and quite moving.

lissa said...

I hear the concern in your words. Am glad to hear your friend is fine.

gautami tripathy said...

Good to know your friend is fine. No wonder. Your prayers worked.