Monday, December 17, 2007

Pensieve's Poetic License #2 - Cinquain

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This month's poetic form is a "cinquain" (and again, if you want to know what that means, click the button above). Of course, if I had read the instructions carefully (or perhaps at all), I would have remembered that there is also a theme, and this month's theme is "celebration".

Before I read the "theme", I wrote this:

Cold, white
Blowing, blinding, accumulating
Quiet settles upon the world

Not really fitting in with the theme of celebration, is it? So...I guess that means I have to write another one:

Loud, festive
reminiscing, anticipating, beginning
prelude to a new beginning

I'm pretty sure I broke the rules on both of these, enough! ;-)


lissa said...

I ike them both. Thanks for introducing me to yet another meme. I love memes, don't you?

julia said...

Yay! More poetry on Monday! I love poetry! (like you didn't know...)

Both are lovely. I like your last two lines in the first one:
'Quiet settles upon the world
I like the opposite feelings in those lines, the quiet and then the power of a nor'easter.

Pamela said...

fooled me.. I think they are fantastic

lisa's chaos said...

I like the both too. At least you noticed there was a theme. I was so caught up in how many syllables went where that I missed the theme. :)

Karmyn R said...

They are both great - but I really like the first one best!

Dreaming What ifs...

Robinella said...


Robin said...

Silly girl, what rules??? JUST WRITE! And THAT you did beautifully. I dunno, the first one is kinda celebratory because anytime I see snow, I celebrate (of course, I live in the South and we rarely have a good one :/).

The second one is perfect for ending one year and beginning another. Thank you sooo much for playing along and making it FUN to visit :).


paisley said...

thank you for turning me on to this fun little poetic meme... i played and had a blast doing it!!!!!

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

First time I've seen "nor'easter" in a poem! LOL Good job!