Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Writer's Island #15 - This Season

The Writer's Island prompt for this week is "This Season". We are being asked to share something about what this season means to us. I thought about this for a while, because I really use these prompts for creative writing, never for "personal" posts, so I wasn't really sure how to approach this particular prompt. So, I just started writing. The following poem takes on a bit of a bittersweet turn at one point, but that was beyond my control. I love Christmas, it is my favorite time of year, and has been as far back as I can remember. But after my grandmother passed away (almost 7 years ago), it's never been the same. I still love this season, and still look forward to it with anticipation and joy, but the missing element is always there. I think most of us long for our childhood Christmases, and perhaps because I'm still in that inbetween stage, no longer a child, no kids of my own yet, I wallow a bit in nostalgia around this time. I realize poetry needs no explanation, and I normally don't provide any, but this piece screams for a bit of background. From the time I was 10 (when we moved to the U.S.) until my grandmother died, Christmas was spent at her house. When she died, my granfather sold the house, and moved in with my parents, where we now celebrate Christmas every year. As fate would have it, when I bought my condo I did not realize it, but to travel from my house to my parents' house, I drive by my grandparents' old home. I do this weekly, and never does it affect me as much as at Christmas time, when I look for, and don't see, the Christmas star my grandfather built, and would hang over the door every year. I dedicate the following to my grandmother, Odilia, may she rest in peace.

The Christmas Star

Above the door
The star of Bethlehem
Lit up for all to see
Inside the house
there always was
the fattest Christmas tree
A feast for dinner
excited talk
and spirits always high
And then we'd dance
and sing the carols
and watch the hours fly by
then he would come
good old Santa
and sit among our presents
and one by one
we'd open them
enjoy each other's presence
into the wee hours
of the morning
we'd celebrate the night
and looking back
I recall the warmth, the love
everything feels so right

Things changed
And grandma's home
now houses someone new
And I drive by
Don't see the star
And quietly wonder who
I want to eavesdrop
on Christmas Eve
learn how they celebrate
I want to share with them
my memories
of Christmases so great
Instead I smile
and keep on driving
because this season's about to start
We have new traditions
and in lieu of missing you,
I'll let the memories warm my heart.

Copyright 2007 - Karina

Merry Christmas everyone, may your memories fill you with joy, and your new traditions give you lots to look forward to.


Rambler said...

I'll let the memories warm my heart.

very nice words Karina..

BTW why not use the prompts for personal posts?.. just curious to know the reason..

lissa said...

Beautifully written. I think you can still be creative and still input some of yourself in the writing. You certainly have the skills. Enjoy your holiday.

Pauline said...

such a heartfelt tribute - I hope my grandchildren feel the same about me!

paisley said...

this was so beautiful.. straight from the heart... i know your grandma would love this... and so do i.....

jeques said...

Your grandmother must be in a better place now celebrating this season with the birthday celebrant in heaven. I see an old lady offering a gift to Jesus, he walked forward, opened a neatly folded paper and read this poem as her birtday gift for him. I see pride on her face.

Here's my thoughts for this season:


I wish you well.

~ Jeques

tumblewords said...

Lovely tribute! It's so true that missing someone is more intense this time of year...

sognatrice said...

So lovely, and I know exactly what you mean about Christmases past versus Christmases present and future...a struggle to keep them all balanced in my head and heart sometimes ;)

AscenderRisesAbove said...

lovely... as is your avatar, Did you create it yourself? lovely.