Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Writer's Island #'s 13 and 14

UPDATED (check bottom of post).

I missed Writer's Island last week. I have no excuses, I just blanked on it completely. It's the first one I've missed since the "Founding" of the Island, and I just couldn't let it go. It's the OCD in me, I had to at least recognize it...so I'm incorporating both prompts into my entry today.

Last week's prompt was "The Promise", and this week's is "The Moment".


Too late now,
one decision
and it falls apart
we all have moments
life defining events
you chose her
over me
the words you speak now
have no impact
it's too late

Did you think
telling me it didn't mean a thing
would make it any better?

You took a vow
promised me forever
and in an instant
you broke us

And you have the nerve to tell me
it didn't mean a thing?

It meant everything.

Copyright 2007 - Karina

Update: In response to one of the comments this poem received, I was inspired to write up a post about my feelings on "unfaithfulness". If you're interested, please head over to my "other" blog: Candid Karina, and join in the discussion.


lissa said...

I like it. Almost like a conversation where the girl/guy fires off her/his emotions but show only enough to justify her/his feelings. Am I making sense?

tumblewords said...

Nicely poemed - I've been there, too.

paisley said...

i cannot imagine it could possibly have erased true love... it may have dimmed it or marred it,,, but if the love you had for him was true... you would still have it..

just my opinion of course...

the poem itself was wonderful,, i just wonder about the validity of the societal sentiment.....

http://blogforth.com said...

I love the question and answer at the end.
I can practically hear you reciting the poem in my mind.
Funny I dont know what your voice sounds like but I bet it sounds close to what I am imagining.
Sending bloglove,

UL said...

broken moment, broken promise..both hard to regain, hard to forget. Beautifully crafted. Thanks.


julia said...

'and in an instant
you broke us'

Excellent, Karina!

Greggo said...

wow, very powerful statement.

Jo said...

wow, indeed, this is very well done, not a word too many, taut, emotional, hard-hitting. And I'm sorry......that's hard.

Karina said...

Lissa, yes, that did make sense. It does have an "exhausted" sort of feel to it, doesn't it?

tumblewords, thank you. Yeah, unfortunately I think most of us have been there.

Paisley, I thank you for your comment, as you know, it gave me some "blogging" inspiration.

Frances, maybe I'll have to do an audio post one of these days reciting one of my poems. ;-)

UL, thank you, indeed, hard to regain.

Julia, thank you, that might actually be my favorite line as well.

Greggo, thanks.

Jo, thank you, but as I stated in my longer post (on my other blog), this was not so much personal as fiction based on past experiences.

Rambler said...

And you have the nerve to tell me
it didn't mean a thing?

what things mean to things is so personal, and there is not way one can comment about it. I guess when someone says it didn;t mean a thing it is making fool of themselves as they have no clue as to what "Things" mean to others