Friday, March 7, 2008

Pensieve's Picture Puzzler #5 - Limericks

I've been away from Creative Karina for a little bit, just been so busy it's been hard to be creative. But I wanted to make sure I didn't miss out on this month's Pensieve's Poetic License. The style this months is Limericks, and instead of a theme, we were given a list of words (green, Irish, leprechaun, shamrock, Easter, spring, kite, windy) to use within our limericks. We were told to use just one, or all 8, or anything in between.
Here are my two (yes two) limericks:
In March, it is windy, and sunny
If you're Irish, Leprechaun or Bunny
It's Easter, It's spring
But no shamrocks, no green
For me, it's my birthday, honey!!
There once was a girl from New England
Who was looking forward to spring and
She had in her sights
The flying of kites
And flowers, and Easter and green land.
Go to Pensieve's to check out more limericks!


Pamela said...

There once was a girl who was candid.
She made me think "martians have landed"
But after awhile
I grew fond of her style
And for more of her blog I demanded!

hey.. your comment box says Be Creative. hee hee

The first one is my favorite.
"My birthday honey."

Encore Encore!

The Roaming Southerner said...

My favorite is the first.
It made laugh till I burst.
Glad to see new blogs,
without dancing frogs.
My ryhme was definitely worst.

lissa said...

You did well with the rhyming. I especially like the first one.

Sorry, no creative comment here. I do like Pamela's limerick.

Sandy said...

Wow, Pamela is rockin' the house today!

Terrific job on your limericks and Happy Birthday, honey.

Karmyn R said...

I like how you ended your birthday, honey!

Marsha said...

Cool, another March birthday!

Terrific job!

Frances said...

I haven't read a limerick in ages.
Thanks for sharing.
Waving at you from a rainy New York,

swampy said...

No way will I try to follow all the creative cookies here. You especially.

EclecticGypsy said...

Both limericks are very cute. Wish I had a talent for writing. Brenda