Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Writer's Island #25 - Deja-Vu

Two prompts, two takes on the same scene:


She’s been here before
Many times at this door
Her hand on the knob
Her heartbeat a throb
Indecision stirring
Thoughts in her head whirring
Should she stay or go
Why does he hurt her so
Once again heart breaking
Once again soul aching
Promises made, then broken
Empty words often spoken
She loves him, she hates him
Apologizes, placates him
He tortures, he’s tortured
Her fortune, misfortune
Such passion and fire
Such anger and ire
And over and over they battle
The walls of their cage they rattle
She’s been here before
Many times at this door
But this time, this one
It’s over, she’s done.


She’s been here before
Many times at this door
And this time, this one
Is it over? Is it done?
She refuses to accept it
She decides to reject it
They’ve had tougher frays
Always better the next day
He loves her, she knows it
So often he shows it
She’s valued and treasured
His love can’t be measured
His words, like a knife
Her own, taking life
They’re hurtful, enraged
But both, so engaged
He reaches for her, tenderly
“I love you my sweet”, don’t you leave
With tears in her eyes,
She drops back and sighs
She’s been here before
Many times at this door
But there won’t be regret
She can’t open it yet.

Copyright 2008 - Karina


rebecca said...

both are excellent, but i happen to favor the first most. well done!

tumblewords said...

Love does have spots of deja vu and persistence, too! Nicely done!

lissa said...

they both have the same feeling, there's that regretfulness that she can't leave behind.

both great but I think I like the deja va better

J.C. Montgomery said...

For me, both are two sides of the same coin and therefore inseparable. My heart ached in recognition as I can remember being on both sides of the door...not wanting to enter, not wanting to leave...caught between that space in soul somewhere between my head and my heart...