Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Writer's Island #24 - Spellbound

I've missed a few weeks' fo Writer's Island prompts, due to some crazy busy stuff going on, but I'm back. This week's prompt is "Spellbound"

Do You?

My world changes

in a blink of an eye

your eyes

looking into mine
reaching in for permanence

No longer uncertain

Speaking volumes with one look

This is a sure thing

Unable to look away


A feeling of comfort enfolds me

No where else I'd rather be

No one else

Could so fully complete me

Blinking again

I sigh

Part my lips

In expectation

And say the words
that bind our love

"I do".

Copyright 2008 - Karina

There is also a secondary prompt going on over at Writer's Island now, called Matinee Muse, and this week's prompt is Awakening.


Drops of water

shimmy on down

morning dew

not a sound

but it's beginning

Early sunrise
later sunset

almost ready

but not quite yet

to the ending

Hear a chirp here

a sweet song there

flying in

on a a wing and a prayer

they're all settling in

A bit of green

beneath the snow

and sight unseen

the seedlings grow

ah Spring, let it begin

Copyright 2008 - Karina

Good to be back.


lissa said...

I like the first one. Didn't expect it to end with "I do" but how nicely it read.

tumblewords said...

Oh, so very nice! Beautiful work!

keith hillman said...

Two very different yet equally lovely pieces

Corina said...

very creative use of the spellbound prompt!

'soulless' said...

your eyes
looking into mine
reaching in for permanence

Delightful lines, especially "reaching in for permanence" which is so memorable for me as a reader. Thank you. Cheers. ;)