Friday, April 4, 2008

Drunk Haikus

Today was a rough day. Keeping it short, I was laid off from my job of 5 years. A job I actually really enjoy, and will miss. Life sort of turned upside down, and I didn't think I'd post a poem today, but it's not yet midnight, and I've got NaPoWriMo on the brain. Working on the second of some strong martinis tonight, and decided I could work a haiku or two before the night was over.

The shock, tremendous
The words that rattle my world
an ending arrives

And yet I breathe deep
refusing to see the end
I see a new start

Copyright 2008 - Karina

That's it, that's all I've got today. ;-)


j.c. montgomery said...

Oh God. Been there done that, had the hangovers to prove it.

I was laid off twice within about 3 years of each other. The first after 10 years with the company, the other after only 2. But it didn't matter about how long I'd been there, it was being made to feel that I no longer had any value. Which is untrue of course, but at first, that is all I thought about.

I think that is why I like the second Haiku more, as its intent is so positive - much more than I was when I was let go.

These are beautiful and I am so glad I found your site.

lissa said...

yes, the second haiku, is wonderful and hopeful, I'm glad you are still inspire to write something especially at this rough time

Karina said...

J.C., thank you. I truly appreciate you kind words. I've never been laid off before, so it was definitely a shocker. However due to the circumstances (which I'll post more about on my main blog soon), the "value" thing wasn't an issue, but it still sucks. I'm doing okay far. I'm really glad you found my blog too...I hope you'll stay and visit :D

Lissa, Thanks, I guess there's a silver lining to everything, and sometimes inspiration comes from the rough spells, right? ;-)