Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Writer's Island - Lost Highway

The Writer's Island prompt this week is "Lost Highway".

I've realized I have a really hard time with prompts that are this specific. It's not that the prompt isn't a good one, because it is, it's just that it is a bit too literal for me. I could probably come up with a good short story for it, but I don't have the time for a short story right now, and besides, I'm on a poetry kick this month, trying to succeed at NaPoWriMo and all. So, I'll move on to the next prompt.

The Matinee Muse prompt is "Rivals". I think the following is a work in progress...but here it is for now:

The Challenge

You asked for it
Flaunting yourself
Batting your eyelashes
Laughing that phony giggle
You do it so well
Knowing better

You saw us
Holding hands
Smiling at each other
across the room
A quick kiss goodbye
On the front steps

You challenged it
Deciding it would be
Your project
To hurt me
To ruin us
To take what's mine

So now, we're opponents
In a game
I didn't sign up to play
But I'm here now
Suited up
Ready for battle

And Never
Not for one minute
Will I consider
he'll choose you
When he has me
Forget it

You started this
You chose to challenge me
But let me finish it
I have no time
For rivalry
Back off.

Copyright 2008 - Karina


tumblewords said...

Wow! That's some sort of rivalry! Well described!

Remiman said...

That's cool girl. I've seen that situation before....Not for a very long time to be sure. ;)

Beloved Dreamer said...

Wow, I think I was there once a long time passed. Great imagry !