Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Mural #2 - Faith


Giving in to the pain
No longer able to battle on
I sink to the depths of the depth
Letting that cloud of gloom
Take over every thing, every moment
The haze of depression overwhelms
Letting go
Trusting you
Knowing it is no longer in my hands
And I need to let you step in
Take over, lift me up, carry me on.
Fresh Air
A ray of sunlight through the clouds
A spot of hope amidst the drudge
Again you show yourself to me, unexpectedly.
Copyright 2008 - Karina
For Monday Mural, artwork by lxzp "Aphrodite", on Photobucket.


Julia Smith said...

'Letting that cloud of gloom
Take over every thing, every moment'

I like how you separate 'everything' into 'every thing'. Makes it much more concrete. Great poem, though it's never good to feel the emotions that this poem starts from.

Michelle Johnson said...

Karina, I think at some time in everyone's life they hit a low point and don't know how to recover. You have reached out to those persons and hopefully given them hope. Your poem is well expressed and should be read by many others as it carries a strong message. Thanks for sharing this difficult subject with us. Have a nice day.

paisley said...

very well written karina... i wonder sometimes what it would be like to have a belief in something as strong as your evidently is... i do believe it would be a comfort....

Greyscale Territory said...

Love the final power of that last word "unexpectedly".


Scott Clawson said...

I like the hope I found in the end, your poetic words were so emotional for me. The message so true, thanks for sharing it.

lissa said...

I like the ending as it is positive, it's easy to lose faith but this poem tells me you haven't lost it

gautami tripathy said...

Hitting a low is ok as long as one picks up the pieces. I see that here.

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