Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Writer's Island - Flight


I've met you once before
In a dream I had, not so long ago
But as dreams often do
Your face wasn't clear to me
Yet I knew it was you
Now, we sit inches apart
A chance encounter
A random stroke of fate
And I want to tell you
All that I know
We can be
But you don't even know me
Laid back in your seat
Earphones pumping some melody
Eyes closed to the world around you
You know not
What I know
Unaware of my eyes
My nervous anticipation
My internal debate
"Do I say something?
Do I let it go?"
The flight attendant approaches
"Sir, please raise your seat,
We're preparing for take-off"
You remove the earbuds,
turn and catch my eye
And smile at me
Smiling back,
I realize you're not ready to know
I've met you once before
In a dream I had, not so long ago

Copyright 2008 - Karina

For the Writer's Island "Flight" and Matinee Muse "Chance Encounter" prompts.


lissa said...

how wonderfully put, thoughts that would have pop into my head but dare not try to act on

a sense of deja va - nicely convey in your words

tumblewords said...

Lovely work! The sense of knowing and being unable to convey it - excellent.

Remiman said...

Real or not it sounds real to me.