Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I'm un-officially participating in NaPoWriMo...that's National Poetry Writing Month, where you attempt to post a poem every day for the month of April. I'm only unofficially participating because I haven't yet figured out where to officially join up...and I don't think I'll really manage to do it anyway. But, I thought it was a good way to try and write some what the heck.

Today's poem comes to you courtesy of an unexpected memory.


Inumerable calendars
Put up, taken down
The passing of time
Marked by changing images
Of landscapes, cartoons,
Whichever theme picked
On the spur of the moment
But time has passed
Too much time
And with each sunrise
The memory of your face
Grows fuzzier
Your smile
Less defined
Your eyes
Not as bright
The image blurs,
Then with concentration I bring it to focus again
Only to lose it as my mind wanders
To the present again
Most days, you don’t make an appearance
I don’t think of you, I don’t miss you
You were a passing phase
Vital to my existence, my progress through life
But a part of my past
No longer a necessity
But then there are moments
Small, barely there moments,
When a smell, a sound
Smacks me hard in the chest
And I remember
The way you’d look into me
The feel of your hand on my face
The sound of your voice when you spoke your dreams aloud
And for a second
I miss you, miss us
And I try to recall the crook in your grin
When I’d catch you looking at me
But it fades as quickly as it comes
I attempt to get hold of the scent of your skin
But it takes cover in the recesses of my mind
So I smile at the memories
As they fade away once more
Allowing them to withdraw where they belong
In the past, with the best of my moments
And I return to this moment
Let my present surround me once more
Taking it in, noting the details
Knowing one day, this too
Will fade, and blur,
Creep in unexpectedly
Remind me that I’ve lived
And loved
And lost
I’ve learned
And I wouldn’t change a thing

Copyright 2008 - Karina


lissa said...

what a sad but tender poem, I guess anyone that enters your life, especially one that touches you so much, won't really fade, not really

BTW: For NaPoWritMo, I don't think you have to sign up but I post a comment in the Read Write Poem site here, that's where I got the button.

Karina said...

Thanks lissa! I think I'm just going to keep posting for NaPoWriMo and find my way around to Read Write Poem and other places and find other folks who are participating (like your blog roll) and take it from there!